Loan to Value, learn what banks are willing to lend you

Cap Rates and how to measure the rate of return on your investments

Cash on Cash, calculating your rate of return

Mortgage Points, the difference between discount and origination

Management Fees, hiring companies and self managing

Cash Flow, The reason why you should be investing in real estate

Insurance Expense, finding the right coverage for your investments

Buy on Actuals, properly using your pro-forma to buy at the "right" price

Understanding Unit Mix in an apartment complex

Our Articles

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Frequently asked questions

We are a full service online real estate investment platform. Clients can invest in real estate and track their investments via our platform. We source the best possible investments, judging from a variety of factors including potential returns, expected stability, developer track record, location, ect; and ensure that every step of the investment process is handled on behalf of our clients from closing to distribution of profits.

If a project you invest generates income (from rent, sale, refinance, ect), your share of the income (proportionate to your share of the investment) will be distributed to your account.

Yes, once a liquidity event takes place, such as a sale or refinance, assuming it is above the purchase price, you will received your share of the income.

Accredited investors and non-U.S. Persons.


We do not offer tax advice or services. All tax matters need to be handled individually as with any other type of income.

$10,000 minimum per investment for most investments.

Real Estate is considered by many experts to be a very good investment. History real estate has outperformed the stock market, and typically has reduced volatility. Real Estate of course is not as liquid, so its great for people looking for long term growth and stability. Of course, as with any investment, it is always a good idea to do proper due diligence.

In the unlikely event that this occurs, clients would still own their shares in any real estate investment.

We currently focus on real estate projects within the U.S., known for its stability. We work with accredited investors and non-U.S. persons around the world, except for foreign nationals from North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, and Syria.

You will own an equity stake in an LLC that is invested in a specific property, thereby giving you an actual stake in the property and rights to your share of the income/profits.

As with many types of investments, investing with RealtyFolio carries risk, and we cannot guarantee a return. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. We perform due diligence on every investment and work with developers with strong track records, doing what we can to increase probability of returns.

REITs are blind pools of investment properties with little transparency and generally carry high fees. Public REITs are traded like stocks and are therefore subject to the volatility of the market.
Realtyfolio offers transparency, personal guidance and care, education, a tangibleinvestment platform to track your individual investments, and the stability and growth of real estate, without stock-market-like volatility.

RealtyFolio operates under Reg D and Reg S of the SEC

RealtyFolio is a New York based company operating under SEC Regulations with full legal documentation including a legal opinion valid under U.S. law. You can see our documentation in our legal section.
Our team has transaction on over $500 million of real estate deals, $100 Million in financial products, and has over 40 years of financial, real estate, and technology experience.