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Invest in real estate as a lender and earn interest every month. Loans vary across all property types, project types, and term length.

Returns: 8-12% annual interest per loan.

Safety: Loans are typically backed by first-lien position on the property, and LTVs are under 75%

Borrowers: Real Estate professionals with a minimum of similar deals in the past 24 months, strong credit, and track record.

Minimum: $20,000 per investment (typically)

Instantly become an equity partner in institutional grade real estate projects. Investments vary across property types, project types, sizes, and term length.

Returns: 12-18% IRR per project.

Safety: All projects are rigorously vetted for quality and security before being placed on the platform. Location, Comps, financials, renderings are reviewed and projects are hand selected by our team to ensure investments are sound.

Operators: All operators must have completed 5 similar deals in the past 24 months and 10 similar projects in portfolio overall to be considered. We only work with sponsors who have exceptional track records.

Minimum: $20,000 per investment

Automatically build a diversified portfolio consisting of debt, equity, and preferred equity investments. Enjoy a passive income from interest payments, and returns from liquidity events.

Returns: Target returns of 12-15% Annually.

Safety: Along with all the security measures taken for every individual debt or equity investment, add an additional layer of safety through diversification.

Minimum: $50,000

The RealtyFolio Advantage

Access to institutional investments from top-tier real estate operators.
Build a portfolio that meets your financial needs.
Invest only $20,000 per project and diversify easily.
Invest with simply a few clicks and track your portfolio online.

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